Trend Micro

EU data laws still a mystery

24 April 2014

In recent research conducted by Vanson Bourne for Trend Micro, they discovered 50% of UK businesses still don't understand EU data laws.


Satmetrix lays out cloud standard

24 April 2014

Satmetrix claims to be the first vendor to deliver a cloud-based solution for SME's interested in Customer Experience Management (CEM)

Dimension Data

Dimension Data finds its Nexus

24 April 2014

Dimension Data continues its drive into the US market through the acquisition of ICT specialist Nexus and increases US market share by 40%.






IBM drops Linux bombshell

24 April 2014

IBM has been a major supporter of Linux with several $1 billion investments in apps over the last few years

FanHub CRM

Low cost cloud based CRM for SMB

23 April 2014

Fanhub have launched a low cost CRM aimed at the collaborative SMB market


Salesforce gains Big Data analytics

23 April 2014

Avention has announced a partnership with Salesforce specialist akaCRM.


"We are afraid of Google"

23 April 2014

A letter from Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google, in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung draws stinging response from Mathias Döpfner, CEO, Axel Springer

US and China battle for hacking honours

14 April 2014

You're never far from a rat in most large cities and it seems you are never far from a hacker either. 

Internet of Everything worth US$28.4bn to UK

11 April 2014

The Internet of Everything should deliver a major profit boost of over US$613bn to the global economy according to Cisco.

Simple security for UK Government?

4 April 2014

UK Government simplifies data security to three levels from seven but will this help SMEs win more business from G-Cloud?

IBM subsidiary targets cloud storage market

2 April 2014

Cloud based file storage seems to be popular. Companies are launching products every week it would seem in order to get a slice of this new gold rush.

How ‘the cloud’ can help businesses meet new flexible working laws

13 April 2014

A growing number of organisations are starting to embrace cloud computing to improve their IT usage, reduce administration time and enable their staff to work flexibly and remotely.

IBM Mainframe turns 50

7 April 2014

50 years ago today, IBM unveiled the IBM System/360. In New York, IBM is holding a party to celebrate the past and future of this technology.

Big company, big win on G-Cloud

2 April 2014

Capgemini have won a massive G-Cloud 3 ERP deal with the FCO worth £6.3m

The Vodafone/C&W Cloud Phoenix

28 February 2014

With a remarkable turnaround in strategy, Vodafone’s Cloud solution has risen from the ashes of Cable &Wireless (C&W) in a corner of the ExCeL centre.

Software vendors failing on cloud savings

24 February 2014

Supporters of cloud computing have made pretty big claims in recent times. Many have come to pass but one, savings on software licences, is still far from resolved.