IRISS Project

Data access obstructed

25 June 2014

Sheffield University has just published research as part of the IRISS project that shows four out of ten organisations are restricting access to personal data.

Wembley Stadium

FanPlay targets sports fans

28 May 2014

Without fans no professional and even some amateur sports club can survive. But few clubs really understand how to engage with their fans outside of a website.


Ingo talks RapidMiner PaaS

14 May 2014

Ingo Mierswa talks about RapidMiner’s new PaaS solution


Microsoft StorSimple

Microsoft joins hybrid storage stampede

10 July 2014

This week, EMC and IBM have announced hybrid storage solutions for their cloud customers. Now Microsoft has joined the party with the Azure StorSimple 8000 family.

Skyhigh Networks Q2 Report

Malware never sleeps

9 July 2014

Skyhigh Networks Q2/2014 report shows that cloud service use is down and high tech companies are now the number 1 target for attack

Point of Sale

Cyber-attacks hit 32% of companies

9 July 2014

Cyber-attacks are becoming so commonplace that companies are beginning to see them as just another business interruption


Parent working from home

What is the impact of flexible working on IT?

30 June 2014

From 30th June staff with 26th weeks employment can ask for flexible working although there is no legal guarantee that employers will grant it!


Is your Cloud SLA relevant?

30 April 2014

Would Application Performance Management (APM) help to make your SLA more relevant?

How ‘the cloud’ can help businesses meet new flexible working laws

13 April 2014

A growing number of organisations are starting to embrace cloud computing to improve their IT usage, reduce administration time and enable their staff to work flexibly and remotely.