KPMG announces new Microsoft relationship

30 March 2015

KPMG and Microsoft announce a new strategic relationship focused on BI, analytics and Microsoft Dynamics.

healthcare workers

Dr Foster goes to Australia with Telstra

30 March 2015

Dr Foster, the UK based Health Analytics firm has been bought by Telstra as it seeks to expand market share in the lucrative Health Analytics market

Nurse and patient

IBM to solve 1.4 people HRM headache for NHS

27 March 2015

IBM has won a contract to transform and manage the National Health Service Electronic Staff Record system (ESR) for the next five years

Bell Labs announces network 2020 help

Bell Labs offers network 2020 help

26 March 2015

Bell Labs has launched a new consulting division to advise service providers and enterprises on how to get to the network of 2020.

Train drivers' strike in Germany - Callcenter of DB Dialog

Salesforce app integrates telephony

26 March 2015

8x8 have launched two improved apps to integrate their cloud based VOIP telephony solutions into Salesforce, driving operational efficiency for businesses

The Earth from space

Avanade helps Accenture migrate 300,000 users to Office365

2 March 2015

Accenture has just completed the migration of around 300,000 users to Microsoft Office365, in a project that Avanade helped to complete.

IBM Millennials study

Are Millennials a waste of space?

20 February 2015

IBM study shows that Millennials are far from the lazy, entitled, selfish and shallow workers they are accused of being.

Natural Security Alliance

Biometrics and data protection laws

31 October 2014

For companies looking to implement biometric based security, the Natural Security Alliance has issued a set of privacy rules to ensure they comply with data protection laws.

Round table: The big debata

Round table: The big debata

22 October 2014

The ‘big data’ phenomenon has already enabled civil servants to spot fraud and tighten financial oversight; now they’re analysing the wealth of new datasets to create and reshape policies. Stuart Watson listened in at a CSW round table on the subject


Experian's top 6 data breach trends

25 September 2014

Experian publishes their 2014 Data Breach Industry Forecast and lists their top six data breach predictions for 2014

Professor Zahir Irani

Build your networking skills with Social Media

28 November 2014

In this article first published in Civil Service World Professor; Zahir Irani explains how social media can help civil service leader to boost contacts and increase knowledge. These lessons...

Does this map really show data movements?

Time to stop the “Fake” research

7 November 2014

Too many companies are issuing supposed research that is little more than guesswork

Pilar del Castillo Vera

Big Data - the power to transform

22 October 2014

Big data has the potential to completely transform our economy, and public bodies need to bolt-on additional capacity to deal with the change, argues Pilar del Castillo Vera.

Digital Marketplace

Six ways to use G-Cloud 6 to increase sales

29 September 2014

Hugh Cox calls on the government to take action to improve awareness and activity through its new Digital Marketplace.